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For now, we are Steve Ferruolo and Victor Ferruolo. Steve is on vocals, and Victor is on guitar. We haven't decided on a particular sound, but what we've come up with comes close to the sound we want, so we're gettin' there. We listen to a variety of blues, rock, and rap and have used those types of music to try to develop an original style. Our favorite band is P.O.D., but that's just some personal info, we dont plan on copying thier style in any way :) Above all, we will be very hardcore and plan on playing publicly soon. We don't have a drummer yet, but we're looking. If your in Northern California and you play the drums, go to the "Contact KROSSeyeD" area us. If we're interested, we'll mail you back (we'll mail you back whether we need you or not). This site will be updated, but if you want updates right to your e-mail box, join our KROSSeyeD mailing list (go to area "KROSSeyeD Mailing List").

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